Sony PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) Repairs

sony-ps-vitaSony released its first handheld video gaming console in 2005. The handheld gaming console category has traditionally been dominated by Nintendo whom released the Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advance (GBA) and then the DS series. Models released were the PSP-1000 series, PSP-2000 series and PSP-3000 series, with the latter two being the redesigned Slim & Lite and also the less popular PSP Go. PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) is the successor to the PSP series, released in February 2012.

Sony has kept the sleek oval design adopted with the PSP series of consoles in designing the PS Vita, and has realised the need to develop a more interactive gaming experience. To address this need, Sony opted for a OLED multi touch screen with approx. 16 million colours as well as a rear multi touch pad, and six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer and three-axis electronic compass), dual analog sticks, and dual cameras allowing facial detection, head detection and tracking capabilities.

Sony’s PS Vita is available in the Wi-Fi model and Wi-Fi+3G model and utilises a quad-core CPU and quad-core GPU with 512MB of RAM and 128MB of VRAM. Another change point of difference between the PSP and PS Vita is that the latter no longer has a removable battery, PS Vita game card replaces the Universal Media Disc (UMD) and the PS Vita memory card replaces the memory stick previously used for the PSP. Whilst the PS Vita is also backwards compatible with the PSP console, because it does not have the UMD reader this backwards compatibility is restricted to digitally released titles only.

Another major change for the PS Vita is the replacement of the XrossMenuBar (XMB) interface used across all previous PlayStation consoles. PS Vita instead uses LiveArea and has cross-platform features to connect the PS Vita with PS3 and PS4 once released.

Like the PSP, the games available and the price of the PS Vita console means it is more directed towards children over the age of 12 and young adults.

The updated PS Vita model, the PCH-2000, Sony has replaced the OLED screen with an LCD screen, though making the overall unit slimmer, lighter and extended battery life by an hour.

Generally fairly reliable the PS Vita does present with a variety of different issues, the most of which tend to be a result of misuse, such as the OLED or LCD screen cracking, the analog sticks breaking, or the console being dropped. A number of users did report freezing, being unable to turn the PS Vita off and non-responsive touch screens initially which seemed to be a result of first release teething issues.

We provide repair solutions for all Sony PS Vita models. All repair services include assessment of the problem/s, repair or replacement of parts using genuine parts, and post-repair console testing.

PS Vita Card Slot Repair
  • PS Vita not recognising PS Vita card, freezing during game play
PS Vita Front OLED Touch Screen Replacement
  • No backlight, cracked OLED screen, blank screen, screen looks green
  • Front OLED Touch unresponsive
PS Vita Rear TouchPad Repair/Rear Panel Replacement
  • PS Vita rear touchpad not responding
  • PS Vita rear touchpad cracked or broken
  • PS Vita rear panel broken
PS Vita Analog/Joystick Repair/Replacement
  • Involuntary directional movements
  • Unable to control right/left joystick, right/left joystick is stuck, right/left joystick non-responsive
PS Vita Directional Button or Directional Pad Repair/Replacement
  • Involuntary directional movements, unable to go up/down/left/right, buttons non-responsive
PS Vita Front Camera Repair/Replacement
  • Screen goes blank when PS Vita front camera is activated
  • Error code upon trying to use PS Vita front camera
  • Pictures taken with PS Vita front camera are poor in quality or foggy
PS Vita Rear Camera Repair/Replacement
  • Screen goes blank when PS Vita rear camera is activated
  • Error code upon trying to use PS Vita rear camera
  • Pictures taken with PS Vita rear camera are poor in quality or foggy
PS Vita Memory Card Slot Repair/Replacement
  • PS Vita memory card not recognised
  • PS Vita camera not functioning
PS Vita Software/Firmware Repair
  • PS Vita stuck in a setup loop
  • PS Vita randomly crashes during a game
  • PS Vita crashes upon turning on
  • PS Vita lags
  • PS Vita error during installation/setting up
  • PS Vita on however screen blank
  • PS Vita firmware update attempted, now won’t turn on
  • Unfortunately this service is UNAVAILABLE
PS Vita Antenna Cable Replacement
  • PS Vita cannot connect to the internet
PS Vita SIM Card Reader Replacement
  • PS Vita cannot connect to the internet
PS Vita GPS Antenna Cable Replacement
  • PS Vita location function not working
PS Vita Wireless Card Replacement
  • PS Vita cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network
PS Vita Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement
  • PS Vita cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network
PS Vita Charge Port Repair/Replacement
  • PS Vita will not charge
PS Vita Battery Replacement
  • PS Vita does not hold charge
  • PS Vita will not charge
PS Vita Power Rectification
  • PS Vita charges but will not turn on
PS Vita Main Logic Board Motherboard Repair/Replacement
  • PS Vita does not turn on
  • PS Vita has black screen, no picture
  • PS Vita card reader not responding
  • PS Vita exposed to liquid


    PS Vita Speaker Repair

    • No sound coming from speakers
    PS Vita Headset Jack Repair/Replacement
    • No sound coming from working headphones
    PS Vita Microphone Repair/Replacement
    • PS Vita microphone not responding
    PS Vita Shoulder Button Repair/Replacement
    • PS Vita left or right shoulder button not responding
    PS Vita Action Button Repair/Replacement
    • PS Vita action buttons not responding
    PS Vita PS Button Repair/Replacement
    • PS Vita PS button not responding
    PS Vita Start/Select Button Repair/Replacement
    • PS Start/Select button not responding
    Repairs and problems are not limited to those above.
    Symptoms and problems listed as examples only.
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