Apple iPod Touch Repairs

iPod repairsApple’s answer to providing a portable media player was a totally revolutionary gadget- the iPod. In 2008 the iPod Touch was released, it’s features synonymous with the iPhone- intuitive 3.5inch multi-touch glass screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, email and web browsing, use of third party “apps” and of course a portable media player with the ability to connect directly to iTunes. The iPod Touch was released in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and now 5th generation progressively.

The 4th generation iPod Touch has two VGA cameras and video camera to accommodate FaceTime over Wi-Fi, HD recording and editing, and the same LCD screen as the iPhone 4, which boasts Retina Display. Apple’s A4 microprocessor makes the iPod Touch a powerful and power-efficient gadget whilst the accelerometer and gyroscopic sensor enables advanced motion sensing and movement perception enhancement.

The 5th generation iPod Touch was improved by design of a lighter, slimmer unit with higher resolution as well as allowing support for 1080p video recording and panoramic still photos, whilst also featuring an LED flash. Apple’s A5 chip is used similarly in the iPad2 and iPad Mini. The 5th generation iPod Touch also features Apple’s Siri and being released alongside iPhone5, iPad Mini and iPad 4, also features the Apple’s Lightning dock connector.

The fact that thousands of apps are available for direct download, as well as music, video, podcasts, games and ibooks, make the iPod Touch the most popular and successful portable media player and handheld gadget.

With its sleek design and shiny finish, its ultra portability means that it is prone to disasters such as accidental drops resulting in cracked screens and water damage from being put through the wash.

We provide all repair solutions for Apple iPod Touch. All repair services include assessment of the problem/s, repair or replacement of parts using genuine parts, post-repair unit testing and restoring (if required).

iPod Touch LCD Replacement
  • Broken iPod Touch LCD, cracked iPod Touch LCD
  • No backlight, looks like there is liquid or black ink inside
iPod Touch Glass Digitiser Replacement
  • Cracked iPod Touch glass screen, broken iPod Touch glass screen
iPod Touch Back Glass Replacement
  • Cracked iPod Touch back glass screen, broken iPod Touch back glass screen
iPod Touch Back Housing Replacement
  • Cracked iPod Touch back housing, broken iPod Touch back housing
iPod Touch Home Button Repair or Replacement
  • Non responsive iPod Touch home button
iPod Touch Audio Jack Repair
  • iPod Touch headphones will not function (tested with multiple headphone sets)
  • Sound can only be heard from one side (tested with multiple headphone sets)
iPod Touch Battery Replacement
  • Battery life has diminished, needs to be charged every few hours
  • When plugged in to charge the Apple logo continuously loops
  • When plugged in to charge the Apple logo fades in and out
iPod Touch Camera Repair or Replacement
  • iPod Touch 4 has poor picture quality or blemishes in the photos
iPod Touch Charge Port Repair
  • iTunes will not recognise when iPod Touch is connected
  • iPod Touch will not charge
iPod Touch Lightning Port Repair
  • iPod Touch 5 will not charge
  • iTunes will not recognise when iPod Touch is connected
iPod Touch Volume Button Repair
  • Cannot control volume using one or both volume buttons
iPod Touch Power Button Repair
  • Cannot turn iPod Touch on or off using power button
iPod Touch Tilt Sensor Repair
  • iPod Touch does not rotate between horizontal and vertical view
iPod Touch Wi-Fi Repair
  • Problems connecting to Wi-Fi
iPod Touch LED Flashlight Repair
  • LED flashlight un-responsive

Repairs and problems are not limited to those above.
Symptoms and problems listed as examples only.

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