Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) Repairs

sony-pspSony released its first handheld video gaming console in 2005. The handheld gaming console category has traditionally been dominated by Nintendo whom released the Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advance (GBA) and then the DS series. Models released were the PSP-1000 series, PSP-2000 series and PSP-3000 series, with the latter two being the redesigned Slim & Lite and also the less popular PSP Go. The Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) has a sleek design and with an advanced LCD screen, provides much better quality graphics than its rival the Nintendo DS. Though it comes with the bigger price tag than its rival, the difference is definitely worthwhile for the serious gamer as game quality is much better. The better screen and graphics capability mean that users can use it to watch movies and videos, view photos and browse the internet. The PSP utilises the same easy-to-use XMB (XrossMenuBar) as the Playstation 3 (PS3) and regular system software updates are available on the Playstation Network. The games available and the price of the console means the PSP is more directed towards children over the age of 12 and young adults. Sony introduced the Universal Media Disc (UMD) with launch of the PSP console, an optical disc media capable of storing up to 1.8 GB of data. Some movies were also released onto UMD format for PSP use however this option did not prove popular and many production studios withdraw their support of the UMD. The PSP handheld gaming console continues to be the only electronic gadget to utilise this media format. The Sony Memory Stick Duo is used in the PSP console to increase data storage capability and for users who have a custom firmware installed on their PSP, also enables them to store games and homebrews. Though generally fairly reliable the PSP does present with a variety of different issues, the most of which tend to be a result of misuse, such as the LCD screen cracking, the analog stick breaking, or the console being dropped. We provide repair solutions for all Sony PSP models. All repair services include assessment of the problem/s, repair or replacement of parts using genuine parts, and post-repair console testing.
PSP UMD Reader Replacement
  • PSP not recognising UMD games or UMD movies
  • Disc Reading Errors (DRE) >> UMD games and movies not reading
  • UMD games or movies freezing
  • Whirring noise when trying to load UMDs
PSP LCD Screen Replacement
  • No backlight, cracked LCD screen, blank screen, looks like there is liquid or black ink in the screen
PSP Analog/Joystick Replacement
  • Involuntary directional movements, unable to control joystick, joystick is stuck, non-responsive
PSP Directional Buttons Repair
  • Involuntary directional movements, unable to go up/down/left/right, buttons non-responsive
  • PSP turns on but has blank screen, tried to do a firmware update but failed and now console won’t turn on
  • Unfortunately this service is UNAVAILABLE
PSP Charge Port Repair
  • PSP will not charge
PSP Power Rectification
  • PSP charges but will not turn on
PSP Facelift
  • PSP needs new faceplate or full housing
PSP UMD Door Repair
  • UMD door will not close properly
PSP Wi-Fi Repair
  • Cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network
PSP Headphone Jack Repair
  • No sound coming from working headphones


Repairs and problems are not limited to those above.
Symptoms and problems listed as examples only.
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