Nintendo Repairs – 3DS, 3DS XL & 2DS

Nintendo Repairs - 3DS, 3DS XL & 2DSThe world is now ready for 3D technology. 3D has been around for a while however it is not until now that it has become feasible for it to be implemented for ordinary use and at better quality. In the next 5 years we’ll see more of 3D televisions, 3D cameras and of course 3D gaming. Nintendo is the first to introduce gamers to 3D, with the release of 3DS in March 2011. Even better, Nintendo 3DS means gamers are able to see their games in 3D view without the use of bulky 3D glasses.

The Nintendo 3DS feature two screens consistent with the Nintendo DS series; the top being a stereoscopic 3D screen and the bottom screen non-3D, and 3D camera made up of two outer cameras – the WQVGA cameras produce auto stereoscopic 3D effects, meaning 3D glasses are not needed and enable 3D photo and 3D video capturing.

The 3DS is backwards compatible with DS and DSi software so gamers can still play their DS and DSi games on the 3DS, though they will of course be only featured in 2D.

Quite a few new features have come on board the DS series, including the 3-axis accelerometer (motion sensor) and 3-axis gyroscopic sensor similar to that used by Apple in its iPod Touch, iPhone and iPads. The Circle Pad allows for analog control and the SD memory card capability allows users to store 3D photos taken with the 3D camera as well as store music and sound recordings. The Augmented Reality (AR) games feature as well as Street Pass and Spot Pass are also cool new features of the 3DS.

Differing also from the previous DS models is the 3D depth slider button which allows gamers to adjust the intensity of the 3D settings, and all 3DS games can still be played in 2D when this button is turned down.

Nintendo released the 3DS XL console in 2012. It is the same as a 3DS console with the exception that it is overall larger in size and has improved battery life, just like the DSi XL.

The 2DS console became a part of the 3DS family in October 2013. It is sold alongside the 3DS and 3DS XL and enables users to access all Nintendo 3D games in 2D. The main difference between this console and the 3DS and 3DS XL is that it does not have the 3D functionality and the overall design is different from all DS series models in that it is not clamshell, rather it is just one piece which does not open or close. The advantage to this design with the Nintendo 2DS is that a previous major problem, broken hinges, is completely eliminated.

We provide all repair solutions for Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS. All repair services include assessment of the problem/s, repair or replacement of parts using genuine parts, and post-repair console testing.

Game Cartridge Pin Replacement
  • DS, DSi or 3DS game cartridge will not read
  • Game cartridge pins are bent or broken
  • Game cartridge pins are rusted or show signs of liquid damage
  • Foreign objects inserted into the slot
  • Game cartridge inserted the wrong way
Top LCD Screen Replacement
  • No backlight, cracked LCD screen, blank screen, looks like there is liquid or black ink in the screen
  • Top LCD screen flicks on when 3DS is turned on then blacks out

The top screen can become damaged as a result of a broken hinge or if the top half of the 3DS completely detaches from the bottom half

Bottom LCD Screen Replacement
  • No backlight, cracked LCD screen, blank screen, looks like there is liquid or black ink in the screen
  • 3DS power light turns on but both screen appear blank/black

The bottom screen has two components, the inner LCD screen and the outer touch screen

Touch Screen Replacement
  • Cracked touch screen
  • Non-responsive touch screen
  • Cannot be calibrated
  • Heavily scratched

The bottom screen has two components, the inner LCD screen and the outer touch screen

Hinge Replacement
  • Hinge (connects the top and bottom sections of the 3DS) is broken or cracked

If your hinge is damaged we recommend the unit not be used until the problem is rectified as continual use can cause damage to the top LCD screen, thus costing you more money to get it fixed

Full Shell Replacement
  • Severe hinge damage
  • Casing is damaged anywhere on the console

Sometimes the location and extent of damage to the hinge means that you will need to have the full shell replaced. Doing so will make your console look new again

Power Rectification
  • 3DS, 3DS XL or 2DS will charge but not turn on
  • 3DS, 3DS XL or 2DS will not turn on at all
  • 3DS, 3DS XL or 2DS was dropped or exposed to shock or high impact
  • Rattling sound can be heard inside when unit gently shaken
Power Button Repair
  • Power button is stuck or is non-responsive
D Depth Slider Button Repair
  • 3D Depth Slider button is stuck or non-responsive
Shoulder Button Repair
  • R or L shoulder buttons are stuck or are non-responsive
Directional Button/Function
  • Directional buttons (left/right/up/down) or functional buttons
Button Repair
  • (A/B/Y/X) are stuck or non-responsive
Circle Pad Repair/Replacement
  • Circle Pad (analog control) is stuck or non-responsive
Microphone Repair
  • No voice recognition
D Camera Repair/Replacement
  • One or both digital cameras do not work
SD Slot Repair
  • Cannot recognise or read SD memory cards
Charging Cradle Repair
  • Charging Cradle not working
Accelerometer Repair
  • Difficulties with motion sensor
Gyroscope Repair
  • Difficulties with gyro sensor


Repairs and problems are not limited to those above.
Symptoms and problems listed as examples only.

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