Microsoft XBOX 360 Slim Problems?

xbox-360-slimReleased in 2010 the Xbox 360 Slim is leaner, prettier, glossier and supposedly better. The updated Xbox 360 comes with a standard massive internal hard drive, suitable for storing downloaded games, HD movies, music, game add-ons or any content from Xbox Live Marketplace. Really, this is another step in the direction of future gaming- a world where storage medium such as DVD and Blu-ray discs are no longer utilised, especially when everyday people have access to faster internet and hard drive capacities that continue to grow.

New added features of the Xbox 360 Slim include the built-in Wi-Fi allowing gamers to connect to Xbox Live wirelessly, and HDMI support.

A major attraction for the Xbox 360 Slim is the “controller-free gaming and entertainment experience” called Kinect. With the huge success of the Wii console which shifted the paradigm in video gaming and putting Nintendo back in the game with Microsoft and Sony- after many years of non-existence, it was time Microsoft counter-attacked. Kinect for Xbox 360 enables users to interact without the need for any controllers. Instead, gestures (such as the wave of a hand) and voice commands are used to manipulate menus and game functions as well as movies and music. The Kinect sensor uses a combination of RGB camera, depth sensor, multi-array microphone and a custom processor, and relies on a 50 megabyte software package to enable full body 3D motion capture, facial and voice recognition.

Its predecessor the Xbox 360, was notorious for overheating issues and consequently the Red Ring of Death (RROD). Microsoft has come up with a console self preservation function to prevent gamers from over-using the console. What has become known as the Red Dot of Death, is not a fault but an actual function. The new Xbox 360 Slim is able to monitor its own internal temperature and alerts the gamer. The following message appears on the screen with the read power light flashing:

“The Xbox 360 is shutting down protect the console from insufficient ventilation. You can turn the console back on after the power light stops flashing”. Whilst a very good function in preserving the life of the console (and saving Microsoft’s back pocket), it does prove to be a little annoying for gamers. Console still does get rather hot even though it runs much better with the new Valhalla chipset (both CPU and GPU on a single 45nm die with a power consumption of about 135W).

Our repair process for the Xbox 360 Slim includes extensive testing and in the case of major repairs such as the motherboard repair, also includes an internal system clean. We have skilled technicians with a background in electronics manufacturing who carry out work on all complex motherboard repairs using a professional rework station.

We use genuine parts and offer warranty on all our repairs.

Xbox 360 Slim Laser or Drive Replacement
  • Disc Reading Errors (DRE) >> games and movies not reading
  • Discs freezing
Xbox 360 Slim GPU Repair
  • Red Ring of Death (RROD) error, also known as 3 Red Light Syndrome or 3 Rings of Death
  • E74 Error
  • Overheating
  • Freezing in the XMB (XrossMediaBar) menu screen
Xbox 360 Slim Fan Repair or
  • Fan not running or too loud
Xbox 360 Slim Controller Repair
  • Non-responsive controller
Kinect Sensor Repair
  • Non-responsive Kinect sensor


Repairs and problems are not limited to those above.
Symptoms and problems listed as examples only.

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